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Chloe Power SU Presidential Campaign

In collaboration with Nadine Kennedy

Intoduction // Justification

Chloe Power is a friend of mine from IADT who did English, Media and Cultural Studies while I studied Psychology. We were leaders on the First Year Matters team together for two years along with a group of other extraordinary individuals. The IADT Students Union runs elections toward the end of the year and Chloe decided to run for President. To run a successful campaign, brand needed to be consistent across all print and social media. The campaign needed posters, manifestos along with social media content for the week-long campaigning period. Chloe is a strong writer and had already written all of the copy for the campaign, so my job was to create a brand that would suit the message. Nadine took and edited photos to fit into the posters and manifestos.


Chloe had a slogan in mind for the campaign which was “Giving you the power to use your voice” – a double play on her second name “Power”. During the “Beast from the East” snowstorm that shut Ireland down for a few days, we communicated ideas and concepts remotely, refining logos, posters etc.

Logo System

There are two variations of the logo used in the campaign. The first (and primary logo) stated “Chloe Power for your SU President”. It was important that this was the primary logo so that students would immediately know what the media was in reference to. The second logo was “Giving you Power for your Voice”. This just switched out two lines, but served to reinforce the idea that (Chloe) Power was synonymous with lending power to the students of IADT and that the SU President acted as a voice for the students. The logos were used interchangeably except on posters, when we didn’t want to risk not being clear.


Due to the snow, we couldn’t get out of our houses to take pictures while we discussed concepts. Using an existing photo of Chloe, I played around with the idea of extending the head and feet past the borders of the image. I felt that this added a depth to the otherwise flat poster. We stuck with this concept and Nadine did a far more refined job using better photos and more subtle editing. The poster sits on a 6x8 grid and uses left and right aligned text to give direction and imply progress.


Every candidate in the election has to have a manifesto to lay out their plans and ideas. This has to be available online and in print. The design of the manifesto followed from the design of the poster. Nadine’s suggestion was to print a layout in A3 and make booklets as we had used in the SU Campaign to Repeal the 8th. These turned out a great size that worked for the amount of written content Chloe had written in the manifesto.

Social Media

Chloe handled the writing of the social media content and I made additional little headings in the format of the logo to match them. This consistency in brand across both physical and web made for a coherent message and a recognisability that added to the strength of the brand.


I was really happy with this work, as was Chloe. It received good feedback from students around the college. Having Nadine on the project really made it – the photography and insight she provided made the project so much better. Most importantly, the campaign was successful; Chloe Power will be the IADT Students Union President in 2018/2019!

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