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Flying South

Mental Health Themed Open Mic

Intoduction // Justification

Flying South is an open mic collective centred on mental health expression. We believe in the power of creative expression to share our mental health experiences. As such, the Flying South team runs a monthly open mic night on the last Friday of every month which welcomes all forms of creative expression – poetry, storytelling, comedy, performance poetry, drama, song writing, anecdotal sharing etc. I have worked as the primary graphic and web designer for Flying South for the last two years or so.


A lot of my work with Flying South has been designing posters for the events. They have changed a little from when I started. The posters are printed and stuck up around the city centre and our respective college campuses. Recently, we have put more of our efforts into social media as it doesn’t use as much paper and is often more effective in getting people to the show than printed media.

Social Media

In the most recent shows, we have moved to more online promotion of the events. This means that there is more scope to try different imagery and layouts in the media produced. Maintaining consistency but allowing variation so as not to appear stale across web and print is something I really enjoy. Designing material for Instagram and Facebook posts is fun too, as they require different dimensions and tones.


Flying South has been a wonderful project to hone my graphic design skills. It has been an extremely rewarding project from a personal standpoint as well. Helping to erase the stigma around mental health in Ireland is something that more people need to be a part of. Working with the great team at Flying South on this goal has been very fulfilling and has created some great friendships.

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