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IADTSU Repeal Poster Campaign

Research and Graphic Design

Intoduction // Justification

Having previously worked with the SU on their branding for their campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment, they approached me and asked for me to do a poster campaign based on ARC’s 8 Myths. Time and time again, we have seen individuals change their mind on the 8th Amendment who credit information and facts as the basis for their shift in perspective. There is a need to have an informed and fact-based conversation around this debate, which was the basis for this project. I took ARC’s 8 myths as a starting point, did hours of additional research and produced 8 posters for the SU with updated references and content.


Having done my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I had a good bit of experience in pouring through journal articles to find information and compile facts for a paper or project. This project ended up consisting of about 20 combined reference points of things like WHO reports and meta-analyses by other governing bodies. Without this research, there was no posters. The research also had to be represented accurately so as not to create any doubt that the facts were just that.


The style of the posters was based on the previous branding campaign I had done with the SU in 2017. The posters followed a simple hierarchy that was used to show different levels of information. This was part of the original idea, that unbiased information would change minds. The different levels of information (low-interaction and quick to read to higher-interaction and more time-consuming to read) allowed an “entrance” into what is quite a dense debate. The posters followed a simple grid and used centre aligned text for headings to hint at a typical bill or proclamation. Posters were put up around the college as an awareness raising campaign around the 8th Amendment.


In addition to the posters, we decided to do miniature booklets of the posters, showing an abridged version of each poster on a separate page with a QR code link to the full versions online. These turned out to be really effective in little pop-up information stands the SU ran and were well received by students.


This project was all in the research, where most of the time was spent. Having solid facts that can be backed up using reliable sources was key to this campaign. The posters are still up around the college and the booklets are used at any Repeal events that the SU holds.

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